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Secure Tape

Secure your shipments with the most secure tamper evident tape on the market. AuthentiTape features ultra-delamination when tampered with, as well as a high tack adhesive, resistant to low temperatures. It also has the possibility of embedding overt and covert security features inside the tape for the best security.

AuthentiTape is best used when sending valuable goods including pharmaceuticals, electronics, garments, alcohol, and tobacco products. It has a special adhesive designed for carton boxes, paper envelopes, paper bags and more. This adhesive should also work on paper, glass, and metal.* The special polymer and adhesive are resistant to low temperatures.

AuthentiTape Security features include:

  • Visible fibers
  • Invisible UV Fibers
  • Taggants
  • Polydots: almost impossible to duplicate in any printing technology
  • PolySphere: exclusive and proprietary overt feature


Personalize your AuthentiTape with your company name, logo, or personalized logo; up to 4 colors. Standard size is a 50mm wide and 50m long roll with a 3 inch core diameter.

*For special surfaces, or plastics, please inquire first.