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Have you ever dreamed of a durable, secured substrate to secure your tags and ticket applications? Concert tickets, sports events, garment swing tags, bag hand tags, wristbands, etc. AuthentiTag is the new coated, security synthetic substrate by Arjobex Security that will allow you to protect your events, brands, and revenue.

AuthentiTag is the 100% synthetic and 100% secured substrate from Arjobex Security. It's unique manufacturing process offers you the durability of plastic, together with embedded overt and/or covert security features. AuthentiTag is printable in all traditional printing technologies (offset, flexo, gravure, etc. ) and can be personalized with variable information printing in thermal transfer or industrial inkjet.

AuthentiTag is available from 95 µm up to 350 µm.

AuthentiTag Security features include:

  • Visible fibers
  • Invisible UV Fibers
  • Taggants
  • Polydots: almost impossible to duplicate in any printing technology
  • PolySphere: exclusive and proprietary overt feature


Applications include:

  • Event tickets
  • Concert tickets
  • Sports tickets
  • Wrist bands
  • Bag hang tags
  • Garment swing tags


AuthentiTag is tear resistant, 100% water resistant and feels like top coated paper. It can be embossed, adding some unique tactile security to it. AuthentiTag cannot go through copier machines, preventing 90% of copy attempts.

AuthentiTag will enable you to authenticate your products and events. It also controls your distribution network by identifying all attempts of diversion of your products, helping to minimize revenue loss.