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Faced with the risks that counterfeit products represent for consumer security, industrialists are increasingly looking to protect their products by means of overt and/or covert authenticating features

In addition to any trademark infringements, safety is a primary concern affecting counterfeit automotive parts. Recently, the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) cited many safety violations due to counterfeit auto parts, including brake linings made of compressed grass, sawdust or cardboard, transmission fluid made of cheap oil and oil filters that use rags for the filter element.

Because consumers who are deceived by these counterfeits are at an increased risk for potential harm, the manufacturers of the original parts are seriously concerned when counterfeited parts move into the market. Another fear is that if a serious accident was caused by a counterfeit part, the manufacturers of authentic parts could potentially be held responsible for those accidents, with both legal and personal liability implications. This leads to a loss of reputation for the manufacturer with regard to both their product quality and safety.

Among the solutions Arjobex Security offers manufacturers is a simple but extremely discrete protective feature that no process can detect.