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In today's world, brands need to be more than ever about protecting the integrity of their products. The deliberate tampering of products can lead to catastrophic results for the consumer and long term damage to the company's image and bottom line.

Arjobex Security AuthentiSeal is a unique Tamper Evident, 100% waterproof synthetic substrate: its unique process allows for immediate delamination, efficiently deterring product tampering and counterfeiting.

Using overt and covert security features embedded inside the substrate, AuthentiSeal makes forgery nearly impossible.

Embedded Security features include:

  • Visible fibers
  • Invisible UV Fibers
  • Taggants
  • Polydots: nearly impossible to duplicate in any printing technology
  • Polyspheres exclusive and proprietary overt feature


Applications include:

  • Tamper evident seals and labels
  • Tax and excise stamps
  • Pharmaceutical security labels
  • Track and trace labels/seals
  • Insurance/warranty labels
  • Quality/certification stamps
  • Calibration labels/seals


AuthentiSeal will help to identify counterfeits and product tampering. Our team is here to help you find the solution for your needs. AuthentiSeal can provide a custom solution to fit your labeling and packaging needs. Please contact us today to learn more.