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The food and beverage industry suffers significant economic losses every year due to counterfeiting activities. In the experience of the industry, products that are most affected by counterfeiting are typically the simplest to replace with passable substitutes such as tea, rice or alcohol. In these situations, the food or beverage item is easily substituted with cheaper and usually inferior products. Counterfeiters attempt to maximize their ability to reproduce product packaging so that the counterfeit items are indistinguishable from the authentic products.

The food and beverage industry is estimated to lose approximately $3 billion annually due to fraudulent activities. Alcohol products are considered prime targets for counterfeiters because of their relatively high retail value. In fact, the most common infringement was the refilling of original bottles with inferior substitutes. Since food and beverage products are ultimately intended for human consumption, sub-standard counterfeit products can have harmful effects on their victims, ranging from headaches to even death.

The food and beverage industries also implement technological solutions into their brand protection strategies. Unfortunately, these industries also struggle to stay a step ahead of the counterfeiters as improvements in technology make manufacturing, computing and printing technologies more readily available and less costly to criminals.

Arjobex Security provides anti-counterfeiting technologies as well as authentication and tamper evident packaging to help protect the consumer and your brand.